Catfish Cabin

A Catfish comes from a diverse group of ray-finned fishes, also known as "bony fishes." Its fins are supported by bony spines. This fish has been named by its cat-like whiskers, and they range from different sizes. Catfish is known to be high in Vitamin D. In Central Europe, it is feasted on holidays, considering to be an excellent food. In United States, it became a diet staple and has been recognized as "the value of farm-raised catfish" during the National Catfish Day in 1987.

Health Benefits

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How to Cook

Catfish is one of the leading seafood products in the United States. It contains essential fatty acids of omega-3 fats and omega-6 polyunsaturated fats. A gram of omega-3 is good for the heart while omega-6 helps lower an individual's LDL or bad cholesterol.

Catfish only has 122 calories. Women require an average of 300-500 calories per meal, whereas men require 400-600 calories, which makes catfish a popular choice for a healthy meal plan.

Complete Protein

The high quality, complete protein in catfish helps the body build enough lean muscles and improves the immunity system.

Cholesterol Considerations

Eating catfish may lower the triglycerides, but as the HDL (good cholesterol) increases, so does the bad cholesterol (LDL). Thus, an individual has to limit only a recommended amount of omega-6 fats to maintain proper balance.

CatfishCabin, a popular restaurant serving Catfish menu, also serves different courses in oven-baked, battered, fried, or braised-style upon customers' choices. First-time-catfish eaters may try and enjoy the tasty, yet healthy dishes of the catfish cuisine.